Market Cap $974,052,966,842
Dominance BTC 37.96% ETH 16.27% BNB 4.72%

X-cash Price Prediction

In the light of different statistical prediction methods and past price analysis we can calculate X-cash price predictions. We are using complex X-cash historical data and combine it with XCASH moving averages on different time frames. Moreover, we check hourly and daily X-cash volume and market cap fluctuations and add these values to our XCASH prediction data to maximize the precision of our X-cash forecast. Broad historical data and general market conditions are also used on all our X-cash predictions. All X-cash price forecasts are predictions and they are not perfect. If you are planning to invest in X-cash, be sure to check our forecasts. You can find the future price predictions of X-cash below.

X-cash Price Prediction 2022, 2025, 2030

yearmin. priceavg. pricemax. price

X-cash Price Prediction tomorrow

By looking at the very recent price changes and hourly candlestick data in X-cash, our price prediction system calculates X-cash could be very close to 0.0000216 USD tomorrow as a closing price. However, as this is a prediction system and not a precise value, this XCASH prediction may vary by 8% both upwards and downwards.

X-cash Price Forecast (30 days)

According to our in-depth technical analysis on past price data of X-cash, we predict the XCASH price in one month could be 0.00001893 USD.

X-cash Info

X-cash (XCASH)
XCASH Live Price$0.00001999
Market Cap$1,255,779
Available Supply62,820,639,076
24h Volume$25,518
24h high$0.0000251
24h low$0.00001851
All-time High (ATH)$0.0006469
All-time High (ATH) DateJanuary 19, 2021

X-cash Price Change

Price Change (1 hour)-20.26%
Price Change (24 hours)1.27%
Price Change (7 days)6.78%
Price Change (30 days)-22.82%
Price Change (1 year)-85.32%
Price Change Since ATH-96.91%

X-cash Price Prediction 2022

Based on our predictions in 2022 X-cash minimum price will be $0.00009563. The X-cash (XCASH) price can reach to a maximum level of $0.0001594. The average price we predict is $0.0001275.
monthmin. priceavg. pricemax. price
November 2022$0.0000142$0.00001893$0.00002366
December 2022$0.00009563$0.0001275$0.0001594

X-cash Price Prediction 2023

By looking at the X-cash past price fluctuations our AI forecasts the minimum, average and maximum XCASH prices as $0.0001703, $0.000227, $0.0002838
monthmin. priceavg. pricemax. price
January 2023$0.0001019$0.0001358$0.0001698
February 2023$0.0001081$0.0001441$0.0001801
March 2023$0.0001143$0.0001524$0.0001905
April 2023$0.0001205$0.0001607$0.0002009
May 2023$0.0001268$0.000169$0.0002113
June 2023$0.000133$0.0001773$0.0002216
July 2023$0.0001391$0.0001855$0.0002319
August 2023$0.0001454$0.0001938$0.0002423
September 2023$0.0001516$0.0002021$0.0002526
October 2023$0.0001578$0.0002104$0.000263
November 2023$0.000164$0.0002187$0.0002734
December 2023$0.0001703$0.000227$0.0002838

X-cash Price Forecast 2024

As per our X-cash forecasts and technical analysis, the lowest X-cash price in 2024 could be $0.000255 and the average price of X-cash could be $0.00034. Also the highest XCASH price might go as high as $0.000425
monthmin. priceavg. pricemax. price
January 2024$0.0001773$0.0002364$0.0002955
February 2024$0.0001844$0.0002458$0.0003073
March 2024$0.0001915$0.0002553$0.0003191
April 2024$0.0001985$0.0002647$0.0003309
May 2024$0.0002056$0.0002741$0.0003426
June 2024$0.0002126$0.0002835$0.0003544
July 2024$0.0002197$0.0002929$0.0003661
August 2024$0.0002267$0.0003023$0.0003779
September 2024$0.0002339$0.0003118$0.0003898
October 2024$0.0002409$0.0003212$0.0004015
November 2024$0.000248$0.0003306$0.0004133
December 2024$0.000255$0.00034$0.000425

XCASH Price Prediction 2025

According to our well-developed prediction system average X-cash price would be $0.0004685. When checking the lowest possible XCASH price it would be $0.0003514 and the highest possible X-cash price could be $0.0005856
monthmin. priceavg. pricemax. price
January 2025$0.000263$0.0003507$0.0004384
February 2025$0.0002711$0.0003614$0.0004518
March 2025$0.0002791$0.0003721$0.0004651
April 2025$0.0002871$0.0003828$0.0004785
May 2025$0.0002951$0.0003935$0.0004919
June 2025$0.0003032$0.0004043$0.0005054
July 2025$0.0003113$0.000415$0.0005188
August 2025$0.0003193$0.0004257$0.0005321
September 2025$0.0003273$0.0004364$0.0005455
October 2025$0.0003353$0.0004471$0.0005589
November 2025$0.0003434$0.0004578$0.0005723
December 2025$0.0003514$0.0004685$0.0005856

XCASH Price Forecast 2026

In 2026, we predict the maximum X-cash price could be $0.0007953 and the minimum X-cash price could be $0.0004772. For 2026 the most realistic price and the average price of XCASH could be $0.0006362.
monthmin. priceavg. pricemax. price
January 2026$0.0003619$0.0004825$0.0006031
February 2026$0.0003724$0.0004965$0.0006206
March 2026$0.0003828$0.0005104$0.000638
April 2026$0.0003933$0.0005244$0.0006555
May 2026$0.0004038$0.0005384$0.000673
June 2026$0.0004143$0.0005524$0.0006905
July 2026$0.0004247$0.0005663$0.0007079
August 2026$0.0004352$0.0005803$0.0007254
September 2026$0.0004457$0.0005943$0.0007429
October 2026$0.0004562$0.0006083$0.0007604
November 2026$0.0004667$0.0006222$0.0007778
December 2026$0.0004772$0.0006362$0.0007953

XCASH Price Forecast 2027

On the other hand, in 2027, we forecast the lowest possible price of X-cash as $0.0006384 whereas the highest possible XCASH price could be $0.001064. We predict the average X-cash price might be $0.0008512 in 2027.
monthmin. priceavg. pricemax. price
January 2027$0.0004906$0.0006541$0.0008176
February 2027$0.000504$0.000672$0.00084
March 2027$0.0005175$0.00069$0.0008625
April 2027$0.0005309$0.0007079$0.0008849
May 2027$0.0005444$0.0007258$0.0009073
June 2027$0.0005578$0.0007437$0.0009296
July 2027$0.0005712$0.0007616$0.000952
August 2027$0.0005846$0.0007795$0.0009744
September 2027$0.0005981$0.0007975$0.0009969
October 2027$0.0006116$0.0008154$0.001019
November 2027$0.000625$0.0008333$0.001042
December 2027$0.0006384$0.0008512$0.001064

X-cash (XCASH) Price Prediction 2028

X-cash price is predicted to reach a maximum level of $0.001403 in 2028. According to our XCASH technical forecast the minimum X-cash price could reach as low as $0.0008415 while the average price for XCASH is $0.001122.
monthmin. priceavg. pricemax. price
January 2028$0.0006554$0.0008738$0.001092
February 2028$0.0006722$0.0008963$0.00112
March 2028$0.0006892$0.0009189$0.001149
April 2028$0.0007061$0.0009415$0.001177
May 2028$0.000723$0.000964$0.001205
June 2028$0.00074$0.0009866$0.001233
July 2028$0.0007568$0.001009$0.001261
August 2028$0.000774$0.001032$0.00129
September 2028$0.0007905$0.001054$0.001318
October 2028$0.0008078$0.001077$0.001346
November 2028$0.0008243$0.001099$0.001374
December 2028$0.0008415$0.001122$0.001403

X-cash (XCASH) Price Forecast 2029

When we calculate the X-cash near future price prediction for 2029, we find out the lowest possible price for X-cash is predicted to be $0.001092 whereas the highest possible price for X-cash forecast is $0.00182. In 2029, the average XCASH price prediction is $0.001456.
monthmin. priceavg. pricemax. price
January 2029$0.0008625$0.00115$0.001438
February 2029$0.0008835$0.001178$0.001473
March 2029$0.0009045$0.001206$0.001508
April 2029$0.0009248$0.001233$0.001541
May 2029$0.0009458$0.001261$0.001576
June 2029$0.0009668$0.001289$0.001611
July 2029$0.0009878$0.001317$0.001646
August 2029$0.001009$0.001345$0.001681
September 2029$0.00103$0.001373$0.001716
October 2029$0.00105$0.0014$0.00175
November 2029$0.001071$0.001428$0.001785
December 2029$0.001092$0.001456$0.00182

XCASH (X-cash) Price Prediction 2030

Based on the X-cash historical price data, in 2030, we calculate the X-cash price forecast average as $0.001861, however the highest XCASH price could reach $0.002326 while the lowest X-cash price could drop as low as $0.001396.
monthmin. priceavg. pricemax. price
January 2030$0.001118$0.00149$0.001863
February 2030$0.001143$0.001524$0.001905
March 2030$0.001168$0.001557$0.001946
April 2030$0.001193$0.001591$0.001989
May 2030$0.001219$0.001625$0.002031
June 2030$0.001244$0.001659$0.002074
July 2030$0.001269$0.001692$0.002115
August 2030$0.001295$0.001726$0.002158
September 2030$0.00132$0.00176$0.0022
October 2030$0.001346$0.001794$0.002243
November 2030$0.00137$0.001827$0.002284
December 2030$0.001396$0.001861$0.002326

Frequently Asked Questions

🏧 Where can I buy X-cash?
You can easily buy X-cash from BINANCE and trade or invest there.
💰 Is X-cash a good investment?
Based on our forecast, in short term X-cash is a bad investment and in the long term X-cash is a good investment.
⚡ What will be the X-cash price tomorrow?
By looking at our calculations, X-cash price could be $0.0000216 tomorrow as closing price.
📉 What will be the lowest price for X-cash in the future?
Per our forecast, the lowest possible price for X-cash could be $0.00001893.
🚀 What will be the highest price for X-cash in the future?
Per our forecast, the highest possible price for X-cash could be $0.002326.